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Hackleburg Tax Fraud Defense

Tax fraud is one of the most common tax violations the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) looks for whenever they conduct regular checks on taxpayers through their audits. It usually involves making suspicious entries in one’s tax records that do not match their tax payments. If a person is found guilty of tax fraud, they may face hefty fines and jail time, as well as a black mark on their financial records that will prevent them from using key financial services.

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However, there are cases wherein the taxpayer suspected of tax fraud is unaware they made a huge error in their tax records. They may have missed it due to stress or the time-crunch brought by the tax filing deadline. Fortunately, if this is your situation, you can clear your name with the help of a trustworthy and experienced Hackleburg, AL tax fraud defense team like Defense Tax Partners.

From the moment you reach out to us, our team will immediately check with the IRS or the Alabama Department of Revenue to see what can be done to clear your name. We will tailor our defense accordingly to match your situation and reduce any potential penalties you may be given. We will also be with you throughout the case, so you’ll always be prepared for any eventualities and we’ll help you avoid the same charges in the future.

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Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

When facing a tax fraud accusation, it is recommended that you seek legal support from a professional Hackleburg tax fraud defense team to resolve it. Tax fraud is a serious legal offense that has large implications if you are found guilty. If you are not familiar with the legal process, you may make a gaffe that can be interpreted negatively by the court.

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Defense Tax Partners can reduce the possibility of you being charged with tax fraud because you are unfamiliar with tax law. We will sit down with you to explain how the case will be reviewed, what the law says about tax fraud charges, and let you know what defense strategy we will use to clear your name. This ensures that you do not worry about how the case will go and you are prepared no matter what the result of the case is. We will do our very best to get favorable results, and if there is a possibility of penalties, we will do our best to mitigate them as much as possible.

The IRS usually looks for these indicators when looking for tax fraud:

  • Understated income
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Unorganized or incomplete tax records
  • Asset concealment
  • Inconsistent financial records and behavior
  • Inability to explain a significant change in net worth
  • Questionable cash transactions
  • Unstated receipt sources
  • Overstated deductions
  • Reporting trust fund loans as expenses or deductions
  • Falsifying receipts to donors
  • Possible involvement in illegal activities

When we receive tax fraud cases, we may use one of the following defenses depending on your situation:

Insufficient evidence – We can argue that the IRS did not present substantial or enough evidence to prove that you committed tax fraud or other tax violations.

Entrapment – Considering how relentless the government can be when handling tax violation cases, we can help you prove that you were pressured or coerced to admit guilt.

Unintentional mistake – We can prove in court that your tax violation was a genuine mistake that you were not able to detect immediately.

Statute of limitations – The IRS is bound by a set of limitations when it comes to collecting taxes and filing tax violation charges. We can use this defense if the situation calls for it.

We can also apply other defense strategies for your case aside from these four. When you reach out to us, let us know every detail we need for us to customize our defense strategy perfectly.

Your Hackleburg Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

Our Hackleburg tax law firm knows that legal battles can be strenuous, especially if it involves finances and tax. Tax cases, in particular, can cost you a lot more because not only can you face fines if found guilty, you may also end up with a black mark in your records and jail time.

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If you find yourself facing charges for alleged tax violations, our team at Defense Tax Partners can help you prepare a strong defense to clear your name. Our experience has allowed us to work with any tax violation case and build the proper defense to get the best results possible. We will sit down with you to get a clear idea about your financial situation, what the IRS is pushing forward as evidence to the allegations, and use the best defense to dismiss the charge or reduce the penalty.

We don’t just offer tax fraud defense services at Defense Tax Partners. After we sort out your case, you can also avail yourself of our other tax-related services to help you control your taxes better and pay off your tax liabilities without problems. You won’t be disappointed with our services whenever you ask us for our legal assistance.

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

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The IRS constantly double-checks the tax filings they receive to make sure everyone is fulfilling their tax responsibility. The moment they spot something questionable in your records, they will surely be after you until you clear the issue.

If you don’t want to be charged with tax fraud or other tax violations, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Hackleburg tax fraud defense team. Our team will immediately look into the allegations and build the best defense needed to get the charges reduced or withdrawn. Sign us up as your trusted tax law firm, and we promise you won’t regret trusting us with your tax case.

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