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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is mandated to ensure that each taxpayer pays their taxes correctly and on time. If a taxpayer does not pay no matter how many times they are given a grace period to do so, the agency can impose a levy on their properties and seize them as a tax payment. When this happens, the taxpayer will be left without a house, savings, or even enough funds to pay for their daily needs.

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Fortunately, these tax levies can be prevented if you immediately reach out to an experienced Evergreen, AL tax levy lawyer who can communicate directly with the IRS to renegotiate a payment plan for your tax debts. Defense Tax Partners has a great team of tax levy lawyers capable of negotiating the best solution for both you and the IRS so that your properties or salary won’t be levied by the agency.

We do recommend that if you have received your final notice for levy, you need to contact us immediately because you only have 30 days before the levy is enforced. When you reach out to us about the situation, we can immediately get to work to prevent that levy from pushing through.

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What is a Tax Levy?

When a tax levy is ordered by the IRS, it means that your property is at risk of being forfeited to the agency as payment for your outstanding tax debts. Usually, the IRS takes this action if a taxpayer has not paid their tax debt for a long time and they have failed to reach an alternative settlement plan with the agency. 

The process of a tax levy is as follows: 

  1. The tax debt will be assessed by the IRS.
  2. The taxpayer’s tax bill and a Notice and Demand for Payment will be sent to the taxpayer’s address. 
  3. If they do not pay or negotiate for a settlement plan, a Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing will be sent. 
  4. The taxpayer, upon receiving the notice, has 30 days to pay or negotiate for a flexible payment plan with the IRS. The levy will be enforced if nothing happens. 

If you are able to pay your tax debt before the deadline, the levy will be canceled. 

There are four types of tax levies that the IRS can order: 

Bank Levies

Bank levies involve the agency reaching out to your bank and asking them to freeze your account for 21 days. You must pay your tax debt or negotiate a new payment plan with the IRS within this period, or else the agency will ask the bank to send them the amount you owe. If your bank balance is not enough to cover your tax debt, they will repeat the levy until the debt is fully paid. 

Property Seizures

If you have valuable properties like cars, land, health insurance, and others, the IRS may also levy them to secure your tax payment. Once they receive the property after a set grace period, they will sell the property and use the money as a tax payment. If the amount is not enough, they may repeat the process until the debt is fully paid. 

Reduced Tax Refunds

For taxpayers who qualify for federal or state tax refunds but have tax debt, the IRS is allowed by law to take these refunds and use them as part of your tax payment. 

Wage Garnishment

florida tax attorneyThe IRS may also collect your tax payment from your wages. They will reach out to your employer and ask them to hold a determined percentage of your wages. The withheld amount will be sent to them continuously until the debt is fully paid. 

If you wish to prevent these levies from being applied to you, our Evergreen tax levy lawyers can help you apply for an installment payment plan for your tax debt. We will also help you keep up with your payments and sort out your finances to prevent the same issue from happening again in the future. 

Preventing a Tax Levy

If you wish to stop the tax levies, the best way to do so is by paying your tax debt in full. Tax levies are designed to get your tax debts paid one way or another; either you pay it in full to prevent the levied properties from being seized, or the properties will be seized, and they will be your payment to your tax debt.

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A tax levy order is a serious situation that you shouldn’t take lightly because you will be left without money or property if it proceeds. Fortunately, this situation can be prevented if you sign up with a trustworthy Evergreen tax levy lawyer who can step in to help you with your tax responsibility and stop the levy completely.

Defense Tax Partners is ready to take on your tax levy issue, especially when you receive your Notice and Demand for Payment Letter. We will look into the situation, see which tax payment strategy is perfect for your situation, and negotiate with the IRS for a reconsideration. We will make sure that the agency listens to your request, pauses the levy order, and allow you the chance to pay your tax liabilities without worries.

Defense Tax Partners also offer the following tax legal support:

1. Tax Resolution
2. Offer in Compromise
3. Penalty Abatement
4. Innocent Spouse Relief
5. Audit Representation
6. Passport Reinstatement
7. Tax Preparation

We can take on any tax issue imaginable, even if it involves federal law. Our tax lawyers will provide you with a personalized legal service to deal with your issues effectively. Once we sort out your tax issue, you will be more prepared to prevent future tax issues from occurring in the near future.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Defense Tax Partners logoWhen a tax levy is issued by the IRS, taxpayers facing the levy must act immediately to prevent property seizures. Defense Tax Partners can help you prevent the levies from pushing through and meet with the agency to negotiate a way for you to pay your tax debt. With our experience and expertise, we will do our best to achieve the most favorable arrangement with the IRS and pause the levy order while you pay your tax debt with a reworked payment scheme.

Contact our Evergreen, AL tax law firm today and let us help you sort out your tax liabilities and free you from tax levies.

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