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Black Tax Resolution Lawyer

Taxes are a nightmare for many taxpayers because of how complex they are, and the implications of making even a single error are immense. If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sees errors in your financial records or if they know you have not paid your tax on time, they will be relentless in correcting your errors and holding you accountable unless you provide evidence that you need additional time to resolve your tax liability. Before the agency imposes penalties that will prevent you from resolving your debt, you need to contact a Black, AL tax resolution expert who can step in to get the issue resolved.

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Defense Tax Partners is a trusted Black tax law firm that specializes in assisting any taxpayer with their tax issues no matter how severe the case is. Our team is dedicated to providing only the best financial legal service for taxpayers in need of more time to sort out their taxes or get any issues cleared with no penalties. We can speak to the IRS directly on your behalf to resolve your tax issue and help you achieve financial stability.

Our team can work on federal and state tax issues, opening more opportunities for our clients to find the right legal action to resolve their tax issues. We promise to do our best to resolve your tax issues and make taxes easier to understand and handle in the future.

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Resolving Tax Debt

Defense Tax Partners has a great tax resolution team that can help any taxpayer – both individual and business – with their tax debt no matter how much it is.

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Tax debt is not uncommon, considering the changing financial climate in the country. Prices of goods and other expenses are constantly growing, and unexpected expenses may happen at any time. While these reasons warrant more time to get the taxes paid, the IRS is known for being strict when it comes to tax debt and violations unless they are notified in advance about the taxpayer’s situation while providing the evidence to prove it.

If you have tax debt and require extra time or a different payment plan, let our Black tax resolution team negotiate with the IRS. When we see your financial documents and know your situation, we will recommend the best legal solution to resolve your tax issue and start the process of resolving it by negotiating with the IRS.

Preparing an IRS Audit Defense

You will also need an IRS audit defense team beside you if you have been selected to undergo an audit. The agency regularly conducts audits to double check if taxpayers are filing their taxes correctly and any questionable data is cleared up. The taxpayers who undergo the regular audit are random, but businesses and individuals with large incomes are often selected and audited closely.

When you receive a notice that you need to undergo an audit, our team will help you review and prepare the right documents requested by the agency. We can also be with you during the actual auditing process to prevent the agency from using intimidating tactics to get you to admit guilt. Should any errors be found during the audit, we can negotiate directly with the agency to clear it out and seek a lower penalty.

Creating a Strong Tax Fraud Defense

Our Black tax resolution service also includes helping you prepare your defense if you find yourself charged with tax fraud and other tax violations. These accusations should be taken seriously because the penalties, if found guilty, are severe and will be a black mark in your record for the rest of your life.

Once we receive your request, our tax fraud defense team will look into the accusations and review your financial documents to see why the accusations were directed against you. We would then prepare the right defense to get the issue resolved with reduced or waived penalties if there is just cause for the accusations. We will also represent you during the proceedings to prevent any misunderstandings from affecting the result of the case while your defense is presented.

Reliable and Trusted Tax Law Firm

When it comes to reliable and effective Black tax resolution strategies, you will not go wrong with Defense Tax Partners.

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We are considered one of the best Black tax law firms, especially for any type of tax issue. Whether you are an individual taxpayer or a business taxpayer, you can be assured that our services will be tailored to suit your tax issue and get them resolved in the best way possible. It is always our goal to make it easier for you to understand your taxes, preventing other tax issues from occurring once your present tax concerns are resolved. Should there be problems in getting your tax situation resolved, we will do our best to get the penalties reduced or waived.

Defense Tax Partners also offers the following services: 

  1. Tax Preparation
  2. Tax Lien Removal
  3. Wage Garnishment Removal
  4. Offer in Compromise
  5. Bank Levy Removal
  6. Penalty Abatement
  7. Innocent Spouse
  8. Passport Reinstatement
  9. Audit Representation

Don’t see the right tax legal service in this list? Don’t worry because this is just a shortlist of our legal services. Let us know your situation through our free consultation service, and we’ll personalize our service to match your tax concern or situation.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation Today 

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Don’t wait for penalties before you sort out your taxes. If you have problems with your taxes and need to resolve issues surrounding them, don’t hesitate to contact Defense Tax Partners today.

Our team can help you resolve any tax issue, no matter how severe it is. Simply let our team know what your tax issue is, and we will help you achieve the best resolution for them.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (205) 883-8790 for your Free Consultation with a Black Tax Resolution specialist!